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Cookie Policy:

This cookie policy applies to the website located at (later called just „website” or „page”).

The site is created and operated by Intelligent Web Solutions LLC a Wymoing registered company (later described as „we” or „us”), which is also the data controller. This document applies to this page only, and does not apply to any other products or services provided by us.

What are cookies


Cookies are small documents stored on your computer by our website through your web browser. By using our website, you agree to the use of cookies and other technologies as set out in this policy. You may control specific of cookie storage on your computer by settings of your web browser – please refer to section „How to control and delete cookies”.

How do we use cookies


We are using cookies on this website to collect anonymous statistical data about site usage and performance to provide best possible services to our customers. We are not using them in any way to identify individuals accessing our site, nor to profile individual activity.

Third party cookies


To provide some functionalities, we may embed content from social media or other third party, which may store cookies on your computer in context of our web page. This applies mostly to Google Analytics, which is helping us with gathering statistics and also occasionally from other external entities, which will be named in this document. In case of any doubts, please refer to this document to check for any updates.

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